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Characteristics of our press brake tools

  • High accuracy.
  • Separate parts to be assembled into press brake tools of desirable lengths.
  • Tempered, abrasive and hardwearing steel.
  • High sharpness, maximum limit on scratches of products.
  • Being used to produce containers of different shapes (ladder, semi-circle..

Characteristics of our double action presses [23.04.2009 11:29]

  • Fast idle running speed / high performance)
  • Equal upward and downward pressure forces helping avoid wasting material)
  • Clamping force varied according to working stroke and suitable for making products having depth and great diameter)
  • Excellence in making inox and aluminium products (containers, pots, pans, basin, sinks…)

Company’s unique charactceristics [23.04.2009 11:27]

  •  Lending press brake tools to customers who often sign contracts with our company.
  •  Regular promotions of press brake tools and double action presses.

Our company's pride [23.04.2009 11:23]

Our company’s pride is making different types of press brake tools and double action presses

About us [22.04.2009 10:56]

THAI VINH Production -Trading - Service Company limited (Thai Vinh Co.Ltd)


Main Office:       155 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 17, Binh Thanh District

Tel:                   08.35140336

Fax:                  08.35140335

Email:               thaivinhco.ltd@gmail.com

Branch office: 32 Group 31, Hamlet 5, Pham Van Coi Commune, Cu Chi District

Tel-fax:           08. 7949102

Hot line: 0913 921 904 (Mr.Vinh); 091 777 1802 (Ms Phương)

Guideline Activities [22.04.2009 10:48]

“Customers’ satisfaction is our prior aim.”

Branch of work [22.04.2009 10:38]

  •    Making and repairing different types of press brake tools.
  • Making and repairing different types of double action presses.  
  •   Repairing and assembling hydraulic system.
  •     Repairing and assembling machine-tools.
  •    Cutting, pressing and bending metal and inox sheets into desirable shapes.
  •    Consulting the design of machine-tools and production lines.
  •   Repairing and maintaining industrial machinery and machine-tools.


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